SEGA Orbi is a collaborative project between Sega and BBC earth.  it is essentially a virtual zoo in Yokohama, Tokyo, in which resides a plethora of digital material from interactive projection mapping installations to fully immersive 4D cinema experiences. BBC Earth created a large amount of the content for these various platforms, one of them being a 40m wide concave cinema screen in the heart of the complex, armed with a 32.1 surround sound system, mist sprays and atmospheric lighting, vibrating seats and even odours that are sprayed into the auditorium.


BDH were tasked with the challenge of devising a process that allowed the team to produce short films for the 5248x1080 screen using standard hd archive footage. The solution was a workflow where shots are composited individually and then passed on to the editing team who construct the narrative. The majority of these are seamless panoramic shots, as well as shots that use graphics that compliment the Orbi brand. The size of the screen and its curvature was intended to completely envelope the viewers vision meaning that there is almost too much to take in. Therefore subject placement proved to be a very important factor but also forced us to be creative with the space and guide the audiences eyes and ears around the auditorium. The results are breathtaking films that take the viewer on an exciting and immersive journey through the natural world.

CLIENT: Sega & BBC Earth



DIRECTORS: Simon Baxter, Alex Parkinson, Laura Coates

GFX & COMPOSITING: Rob Hifle, Olly Robertson @ BDH

EDITORS: Mark Robertson, Ross McFall, Steve Barnes

EDIT ASSISTANTS: Sam Mansfield, Dina Mufti

ONLINE: Chris Gunningham @ Films@59

COMPOSER: Timo Baker

DUBBING: Chris Domaille