Boomtown is a festival like no other. At the heart of it is a fictional narrative that develops every year with twists and turns that are usually followed up with the addition of new stages and districts. The result is a fully immersive city with themed districts that each offer music from various genres. I wanted to create something that we could turn to again and again as a marketing tool. A 3D model of the festival that shows all of the themed districts so that people can see everything the festival has to offer and how it is all connected. The nature of the model means that we can revisit it and manipulate it over time as the festival grows.


Boomtown release various promotional material throughout the year to keep their fans on their toes including images on social media, music releases from the different districts and promo videos. The addition of this map means that we can move around it and produce countless images for the releases that all have a distinct style and have strengthened the festivals brand.


CLIENT: Boomtown Fair

PRODUCER: Lak Mitchell


3D: Olly Robertson

GFX & COMPOSITING: Olly Robertson