The Bang Hai Palace is a stage at the music festival Boomtown Fair, a 9 storey high spectacle that dominates the DSTRKT 5 area at the festival. The task was to create a promotional animation that boasted its magnitude to the festival goers and give them a taste of what to expect when they attend. Using concept artwork from the belgian team of stage designers the stage was added to the previously created 3D map. This allowed us to create a fly through animation through the surrounding districts, building suspense before breaking into an exciting finale full of light and colour with the help of audio by the headliners, Noisia, and sound design by Ben Zenium.


The model was rigged with groups of lights based on the stage design and decision to use a soundtrack allowed me to drive them with a series of audio reactive effects. these progress as the promo develops as well as fully integrating the visuals with the soundtrack.


CLIENT: Boomtown Fair

PRODUCER: Lak Mitchell

DIRECTOR: Olly Robertson

3D: Olly Robertson

GFX & COMPOSITING: Olly Robertson


AUDIO: Noisia