My creativity started at a young age and as a child I would always tell everyone that I wanted to draw cartoons for a living. Throughout my years at school I excelled in art above all other subjects and decided it was something I wanted to pursue. After obtaining A levels in art and graphics I went on to do an art foundation course at Bournemouth Art Institute where I began to hone in my skills and later got a place on the illustration course at UWE. Moving to Bristol was a great experience and after graduating from university I landed an internship with Hello Charlie. In the 2 months that I was there I discovered that I had a real passion for motion design and shortly after the placement started working for 422 South. About 4 years ago I became freelance and have worked with various companies and clients including BDH, Dazzle Ship, Clockwise Media, Boomtown Fair, Bad Moods and more. I recently moved to London where I am furthering my ventures as a motion designer.